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Unlike Paul, I was not transformed by watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show. At my house, we were blissfully unaware that musical history was being made on Channel 10 as we watched Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on Channel 3 . I was envious the next morning when I got to the bus stop, hearing everyone talking about the Beatles: I wanted to know what a “ringo star” was.

I had to wait two years until summer camp for my musical transformation, which came due to the steady diet of Hanky Panky, Summer in the City, Sunshine Superman and Workin’ in A Coal Mine the counselors played on the radio. From then on it was WFIL all the day and all the night until I graduated to the “underground” music of WDAS-FM in 1969. I got my first acoustic guitar for Christmas 1966. I lobbied my parents to get me an electric guitar the next year by telling them it wasn’t louder. It worked on the same principle as an electric typewriter: it was easier to press on the strings so I could play better and practice more. They fell for it. I played in cover bands from grammar school through college but settled into domesticity after that, just playing along to the radio at home.

Jump cut to twelve years ago when I was generously given a 70s-era Twin Reverb amp. This was my inspiration to search actively for like-minded players of a similar vintage to play some old, but good, music. Since then, I have played rockabilly, 60s garage, classic R&B, and classic country with various unknown and, mostly unheard, bands. I am happy to have found the talented guys in The B-Side. We’ll never be famous but we have lots of fun, anyhow.


Jimmy- bass, Vocals

Jimmy has faint, fond memories of driving with his Dad to pre-school listening to cassettes of Suzanne Vega “Luka,” the Dukes of the Stratosphere, and  the Lemonheads. While he did not come to recognize the importance of such music until later in his life, he was ever the beneficiary of his parents’ unwavering musical taste and their unceasing love and support.

Jimmy came to create music early in his elementary school years; first with the violin, then taking up the cello to be like his big sister. The cello was his first true passion, and his parents generously provided him with an environment in which he could grow and excel. He continued playing cello in school orchestras and musical theater productions through his high school graduation, and it became the foundation of his musical education.

In 7th grade, Jimmy’s dad brought him along to a guitar convention that would change his son forever. His dad had brought along a Burns of London guitar and offered to trade it to an exhibitor for a bass guitar and amplifier. This was Jimmy’s calling. He quickly co-opted the bass and began to absorb anything he could. This coincided with the typical 2000’s middle-schooler’s musical awakening: Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jefferson Airplane, The Foo Fighters, Beck, Oasis, Nirvana, Rage Against the Machine. As he grew, his tastes developed. His father offered a helping hand along the way with bands like The Byrds, Brian Eno, Parliament, Funkadelic, Spoon, The Buzzcocks, and innumerable others. He was introduced to the virtuoso bassists, both common and uncommon: Jack Bruce, Jaco Pastorius, Flea, James Jamerson, Bootsy Collins, Larry Graham, Victor Wooten, Tim Commerford, Percy Jones, Ray Brown, Stanley Clarke, Carles Benavent, Les Claypool, Christian McBride.

Jimmy has dabbled in many different genres with many different bands so far: from ska punk to big band, jam rock to funk, and jazz combo to The B-Side. For Jimmy, music is a challenge, an escape, a language, and a common bond with his father. He is honored to be a member of The B-Side band.

Paul- Guitar, Vocals (Emeritus)

1965: Paul is feverishly scribbling the lyrics to “She Loves You” for a classmate. Sister snatches the notepad away before it’s completed. The nun barely reads “It’s you she’s thinking of” before bellowing “What’s this?! I’ll see your parents on Sunday after Mass! You will learn to appreciate REAL music instead of this dreck!” Sister is perplexed because Paul is unfazed by her threat. She wasn’t prepared for their reaction: “Yes, Sister, what’s wrong with The Beatles? We love them too.” 

Even though he was only six years old, he vividly remembers the evening of February 9, 1964 watching The Beatles’ debut on Ed Sullivan. But with his father, older brother, and other close relatives being musicians, he was surrounded by and appreciated all types of music, well before that ground-breaking evening. 

Above describes Paul’s musical foundation, and nothing has changed since. He started playing guitar and singing at eight, and music has always remained an important part of his life. His favorites are British Invasion and other 60s rock, but he’s also into big band and jazz, classic country and western, progressive rock, certain metal bands, even some “guilty pleasure” pop.

Paul is thrilled to be a member of The B-Side, playing some of his favorite songs with guys who love them as much as he does.

Paul lives close to Valley Forge Park with his incredibly supportive wife Pat and their cat Hazel Nut. He enjoys gardening and arguing in his spare time.

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